Maternity + Newborn

Baby George-122

Maternity + Newborn

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Maternity + Newborn

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Maternity + Newborn

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When I look at my babies, I see how quickly time flies. I don’t stop to watch them or soak in our time together the way I told myself I would. The moments I treasure and swear not to forget pass by. It takes more than the blink of an eye to imprint a memory, but sometimes that’s all we get.

Those fleeting moments, the ones that go by in a heartbeat, those are the moments I capture. Document. Relive. I want to tell your story how it truly is. I won’t pull out a stale shot list and pose you — I’ll capture you and your loved ones as you are.

Growing Family

As with everything, the journey is half the fun. I want to capture your family’s journey through the lens, frame by precious frame. Our sessions are therapeutic. These mementos will help you process events, memories and meaning. They’ll make you feel closer to your family. These sessions will do the impossible: stop the hands of time and let you relive the moments that make you, that make your family.


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Holder Family


Growing Family